In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that our customers have about our products. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to contact us. Click on each question to reveal the answer.

We typically build in Weschester and Fairfiled counties and surrounding areas. Have an interesting lot and project? We will travel!
Yes. We are capable of building any architectural style home anywhere in our market area. However, If you are still in the midst of planning your new home, please consider collaborating with Morgan Construction as soon as possible. We can suggest potential value engineering ideas, provide construction cost and preliminary budget information and help coordinate pre-construction selections.
Yes, please contact us to make arrangements. We have many home owners that are very proud to show their Morgan built and renovated homes.
Yes, we have 1 lot currently available. Please contact us directly to learn more. We can also assist you with locating the perfect lot!
We are committed to the passionate pursuit of excellence. Our team takes extensive measures to ensure the construction process runs as smoothly as possible. Open communication is emphasized from day one. From methodical interviews during design and intent listening throughout, we encourage and welcome all forms of communication as it add significant support to the project objectives as well as it can give peace of mind to our clients. We have weekly scheduled meetings with each client during construction. New home construction will most often have “bumps in the road” and our experienced professionals are well equipped to address what comes their way. As veterans in the residential construction industry, we can share solutions to potential situations and with proactive planning, often prevent problems from occurring in the first place. If something does come up, we use our vast resources and promptly resolve the issue without interrupting the progress of construction. We work diligently to hire qualified subcontractors, which are very specialized in their field. In many cases, we share a long standing relationship and understanding of how we operate together.
Those who most enjoy the building process tend to have a better understanding of their needs and wants, their realistic budget and have spent time researching and keeping track of the different features they like and dislike. Inspiration binders will be helpful as you collect magazine clippings, photos or material samples to reference during the design and selection process. While the builder has a vast array of responsibilities as they build your home, the owner also has responsibilities. To help your builder keep the building process going smoothly, timely selections and timely payment of draw requests are vital. Consistent, open and honest communication will also help keep the process enjoyable.
Dream, be inspired and creative. Take photos, keep magazine clippings, collect selection samples to keep together to create an inspiration book. Bring your builder into the process as soon as possible. Ask lots of questions and learn from your builder. Most of all, this is an experience of a lifetime…relax and enjoy it.